International Cooperation

“Live Stream Robot”, A newly invented product in whole world. We have applied for more than 100 patents of hardware, firmware and software in many countries.

Regarding to the international cooperation, concerning many sales factors on the Internet Cross-border E-commerce, such as: the products have Bluetooth, battery, radio frequency needs to get local country certifications, and local logistics, commodity tax…etc. In general, we prefer one country for one agent. Priority is given to cooperation with the following (OEM business is excluded):

1. Experience of Internet flatform D2C (Direct to Customers) is the main promotion method better, second by physical channels or others.
2. Experience of put Internet advertising platform, such as: Facebook, Google AD words, Yahoo, Twitter…, or others.
3. Experiences in Crowd Funding is better.
4. We must invest in multiple certification fees in advance, so for the first time, there is a US$ 100,000 products inventory capacity.

※OEM cooperation can be negotiated separately.

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